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  By Barbara S McAllister
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I want to thank you for these great quotes for children.

Founder/Director of Local Children's Theatre

Thank you for the positive feedback...You have made this a richer storyline...Nice job.

Kauai Author

Thank you, thank you, I've sent the article to almost everyone.

Waimea Project Grad volunteer

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    Power Words offer movement within your mind. Sentences have action, flow, and emotion. 

    Surrounding a story line, these well placed powerhouse expressions keep your mind deep within the story line. 

    The words seduce you as time becomes nothing as you continue to read on and on and on thru the clock hours.     


    A reading public gains mind pictures, enthusiasm even will power inside power word choices. Read on -

    Restless   Giggle   Harvest
​    Stripped    Fester    

    Escape​   Cloak    Patches
    Thumped   Flash   Writhing  
Escape -
Leaves escape their life branches The air on your skin escapes 

Giggle -
A waterfall may giggle

Patches -
Shadow patches rest in the field.