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  By Barbara S McAllister

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I want to thank you for these great quotes for children.

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       " The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams. "

                                                                            Eleanor Roosevelt
* Attic:
    The emptiness of a space, a void in something which is usually filled.   

*  Serrate or Serrated:
    An ugly or painful or surprising break-up  or action. Consider: businesses, partnerships with finances or hanging lawsuits involved.  (Serrated is most often used.)      
*  Geyser:
        Of thoughts, elements, needs of the protagonist's day, a harried mom's morning, a new employee's feelings as their first day begins.   
​* Failure:
    In attitude - 
* Echo:
    Do not short-change this 4 lettered, curt sounding word.  Consider the following:         

     *   lightning strikes                
     *   fire breakouts on hills, in valleys, buildings
     *   children, of any age, moving or following
     *   a long line of carefully moving vehicles     
* Guide:
​   A river definitely guides itself during a rainstorm. The sun guides the night sky to begin.  

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​A power word ignites the imagination - yours, the readers, editors, fans and yes, critics. Many of these words are basic, nothing fancy, yet have a magnetic pull. They reach out and take hold. You can turn these basics into metaphors. Some become verbs, adjectives. They take hold and pull a reader into what you have to say. your piece. A metaphor is a different use for a word: i.e. cotton balls for clouds, ocean waves gush, complaining is a bellyache.